Sunday, February 7, 2010

Circlelord Trillium Template


"Here is a quilt that I quilted with the Circlelord Trillium Giant TemplateThis is a small quilt (crib size), It took me about an hour to do, once I had it set up on the frame. The paths were not too difficult to follow, but I needed to think a bit at the intersections at first, but it got much easier as I progressed.

I really like how it turned out and am happy with my new Trillium giant template!
Caroline Berch

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The Giant Trillium Template is a classic Sachiko design called Mitsuba, meaning three leaves. It is also called Trinity and Trillium. It's like Swirls mixing with the 7 Treasures.

The pattern is continuously quilted along three paths that intersect with each other.
Stitching is slower than other templates because of the intersections. However ,crossing the intersections is easy.

The template is 15 inches high, but the pattern is 12 inches, so that it can be used on mid-arm machines as well.

Sizes and Prices.

Queen -2 sections------- 88" ---
Queen +1/2-------------110" --
King-- 3 sections--------132" -- Circlelord stylus for the back of the machine - any machine listed- $69.00


Guild quilt by Carmen Tesch